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our self-cleaning filters for industry

Call on our company specializing in self-cleaning filters for your needs throughout France and abroad! Discover our different ranges of filters, their characteristics, as well as the outline drawings made in the Eure-et-Loir by our boilermaking and precision mechanics workshops according to CODAP or ASME Section VIII.

Description of self-cleaning filters

The range of self-cleaning filters in service consists of three main groups:

2e group

Filters having “ ENTRÉE” and “ EXIT » 2" to 5" in diameter inclusive. The filter element comprises 1 to 2 3 stacked spools (base spool diameter = 130mm, and length = 250mm):

Dimension drawing E 300 024

3e group

Filters having “ ENTRÉE” and “ EXIT » 5" to 10" in diameter inclusive. The filtering element is composed of of 3 equidistant columns each receiving 2 or 3 superimposed coils, i.e. 6 to 10 9 spools (base spool diameter = 125mm, and length = 315mm).

In each group, 2 types of filters stand out by the mode of cleaning action.

Dimension drawing E 300 034



Our filters are built to meet the following paramount requirements:

  • The nature of the fluid
  • The sediment load
  • Serving temperature
  • Working pressure
  • The viscosity of the product
  • The envisaged fineness of filtration

The filter media or the filter coil fitted to our self-cleaning filters have the advantage of being rewindable. Your coils are completely clogged despite the cleanings or purges carried out. We rework them and thus change the triangular wire that wound them. It is all about makes it possible to modify, according to your needs, the fineness of initial filtration.


The coils of our filters, as well as their constituent parts, do not undergo any radial or longitudinal deformation, despite sometimes high operating pressures.

The direction of fluid circulation is from the outside to the inside of the coil. The tangent scrapers at the the generator of the coil ensure the unclogging and, like planes, scrape the sediments agglomerated on the outside of the installed coil(s).

See animated diagram

Thus they cause by gravity the fall of the sediments in the bottom of the tank. So just generate the purge operation to continue your production.

The advantages of triangular yarn

  1. Couple; with the scraper, it prevents the accumulation of sediments and performs rapid unclogging
  2. The fineness of filtration is kept constant, including during a rise in pressure and temperature
  3. The pressure drop generated is low
  4. Its mechanical resistance is excellent


Cleaning in service is obtained by rotating the filter coil. This rotation is the result either of a manual action àgrave; using a key to irreversible ratchet as soon as clogging is read on the pressure gauge (SM version), or of an electric geared motor (SA type).

Choosing the type of filter

This choice is subordinate; to the sediment content of the fluid at purify. Type SA will be preferred; for a heavily charged liquid, which requires more frequent cleaning. The SM type corresponds to; liquids with a concentration such that 1 or 2 filter cleanings per day would be sufficient. Finally, the SA type is better suited to to the process or installations that must operate alone, without the continuous supervision of a person (reduction of maintenance costs).

Also discover our Marine filters suitable for military use as well as our cartridge filters equipped with consumables.

Would you like to know more about our services or obtain a quote for your filtration needs? Contact your industrial filtration specialist. Based in Anet, in Eure-et-Loir, ESIM operates throughout France and works internationally.

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